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All Things Work Together....

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

"It can become easy to only see the clouds

In our own personal storms..

You already know that rain is going to come,

And that's exactly why it's essential for you to stick close to the Son

Because He will always be your silver linings on cloudy days

The clouds may represent your current feelings of pain

But He will always be your hope for tomorrow

He is everything, especially favor & grace,

and that is truly something that will

Never change.."

That is a small segment from a poem I wrote back in 2016 titled "Silver Linings". I remember when I first wrote that entire poem and the state I was in. I was going through a very tough time but in the midst, God sent certain people and an amazing opportunity my way that gave me so much hope. Through those certain people and that specific opportunity, I was able to see the good in the bad. I was inspired. My spirits were lifted and it allowed me to push through the pain I was going through.

Let's fast forward a year later, when I accepted a new job opportunity. I came across Romans 8:28 and decided to make it my theme verse for this job. The photo below is what I wrote and placed in my office so I'd see it everyday.

Throughout the past couple years, I've struggled a lot just like any other person. From work related situations to personal relationships in my life, I've experienced a ton of affliction. Throughout those times, I didn't refer back to this verse enough. I did sometimes, but not all the time. Looking back on everything I've went through, I can truly say this verse, this promise from God, has been fully operating in my life all along. I'm seeing it so clearly now with where I am in life. I know I'm not the same person I was a couple years ago. I've realized going through those valleys has only equipped me to become a better me.

Now lets refer back to the words from my poem "Silver Linings" and tie this all together.

Silver Linings/Rays of Light in Clouds

Have you ever went through some really tough situations in your life and felt hopeless, alone, misunderstood, downcast, or just stuck? It's during those tough times or "cloudy days" that we have to remember that it's not all bad. We have to remember that all things are still working together for our good bc we love God and we are called according to His purpose. I know how those cloudy, dark days feel. I've been there. You may be there now. I want to encourage you to seek out the good during those times. Try your best to seek our the rays of light and reflect on the goodness of God because honestly things could always be worse. It's always something you can reflect on and be grateful for.

At times it's hard to see the forest from the trees, the bigger picture, or the "silver linings" during your personal storms. If you can cling to this verse and truly believe that whatever you may going through is working together for your good, it'll give you strength to keep pushing. As you keep pushing, becoming stronger, becoming wiser, becoming a better you, one day you'll look back on those times and realize it was all working together for your good!


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